Emergent Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

A Symposium Honoring Professor M. Brian Maple and his 50-year Career at UC San Diego


On May 31, 2019, a unique symposium entitled “Correlated Electron Materials” will be held in conjunction with a celebration honoring the 50 year career of Professor M. Brian Maple at UC San Diego (1). The symposium will be held in the Natural Sciences Building Auditorium at the campus of UC San Diego. Alumni, collaborators, past students, and current students of Professor Maple are travelling from all over the United States and abroad to participate in this symposium and report about their current research.

Prof. Maple will also provide a keynote address, outlining the rich history of correlated electron physics and material research carried out by his research group over the years, a tradition inherited from his mentor, the late Professor Bernd T. Matthias. Speakers will report on leading edge research topics, encompassing varied research subjects that will range from superconductivity to non-Fermi liquid behavior in novel materials. The list below includes invited speakers and presenters, many of which have already expressed an interest in taking part. These individuals make up collaborators, past students, and colleagues of Prof. Maple from throughout his career. Additionally, it is our intention to highlight the outstanding faculty and students of the UC San Diego Department of Physics.

In addition to topics from academic research, several members of the government and industry sectors will also be invited and have an opportunity to present their work. Leveraging UC San Diego’s location, we will invite representatives from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) based in San Diego. Additionally, companies, such as Quantum Design, will present their current work in instrumentation and enhanced measurement techniques.

At the conclusion of the Symposium, please join us for a celebratory dinner honoring Prof. Maple at the Birch Aquarium. Live entertainment, along with a brief program, will be featured. The next morning, a brunch will be held for all those interested in attending at the La Jolla Shores Hotel.

Please be sure to register for all events!

(1) Professor M. Brian Maple is the Bernd T. Matthias Professor of Physics and former Chair of the UC San Diego Physics Department. For more information please visit our Department of Physics homepage.

A very special thank you to our sponsors, who are helping make these events possible!


Keynote and longer talks:

  • Peter Riseborough, Temple University Download
  • Hilbert v. Löhneysen, Physikalisches Institut – Karlsruhe Download

Shorter Talks:

  • Eric Bauer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Ryan Baumbach, Florida State University
  • Nick Butch, University of Marylandi Download
  • John Neumeier, Montana State University
  • Vivien Zapf, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Johnpierre Paglione, University of Maryland
  • Pei-Chun Ho, California State University, Fresno Download
  • James Hamlin, University of Florida, Gainesville Download
  • Neil Dilley, Purdue University
  • Lance De Long, University of Kentucky Download
  • Meigan Aronson, University of British Columbia
  • Stefano Spagna, Quantum Design Download
  • Sunil Sinha, University of California San Diego
  • Christophe Rossel, IBM Research Download
  • Jost Diederichs, Quantum Design
  • Vivien Zapf, Los Alamos National Laboratory Talk Download
Full program

Logistics and Lodging

As a major US city and tourist destination, transportation to the city is very convenient from anywhere in the world. The San Diego International Airport is located downtown, less than 20 minutes from the meeting location at the UC San Diego campus. Convenient taxi, bus, and rental cars are available.

MapleFest will be held on the campus of UC San Diego in the Natural Sciences Building Auditorium.

Paid parking will be available at both the Osler and Gilman parking structures with directional signage leading the way to the Natural Sciences Building. The use of hotel shuttles and ride sharing services to get to campus is encouraged as parking is extremely limited. More information about parking on campus.

Getting Here

From the North

Take I-5 south.
Take the La Jolla Village Drive exit. Turn right onto La Jolla Village Drive.
Take the first right onto Villa La Jolla Drive.
Take the Gilman Drive ramp. Turn right at Gilman Drive.
Follow Gilman Drive to the Gilman Parking structure, which is located off Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Drive.

From the East

Take I-8 west.
Merge onto I-5 north.
Take the La Jolla Village Drive exit. Turn left onto La Jolla Village Drive.
Take the Gilman Drive ramp. Turn right at Gilman Drive.
Follow Gilman Drive to the Gilman Parking structure, which is located off Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Drive.

From the South

Take the La Jolla Village Drive exit. Turn left onto La Jolla Village Drive.
Take the Gilman Drive ramp. Turn right at Gilman Drive.
Follow Gilman Drive to the Gilman Parking structure, which is located off Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Drive.


The weather in San Diego is wonderful in late-May, with an average daytime temperature of 70°F. Outside the weather, San Diego has many other attractions. Our beaches and coastline are world famous and filled with potential discoveries for both the mind and body.

Besides the waterfront, we have many other attractions. San Diego is also home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the US. Torrey Pines, home of an International PGA event is 3km from UCSD and La Costa Resort’s 2 courses will challenge the skill of any golfer. Our San Diego Zoo is also world famous, and near enough for a visit, as is Balboa Park and all its museums. SeaWorld, although controversial, is still a major attraction. For those who desire nightlife, the Gaslamp District downtown is a wonderful explosion of food, music, drink and nightlife. Choose from a nearly countless number of restaurants and bars the way we locals do, by strolling the 16 block district until we find what we fancy. There is no doubt you will eventually find what appeals to you, from bars with sawdust covered floors that cater to country music to the popular sophisticated vodka bars and just about everything in between.

Also downtown is PetCo Park, the home of the San Diego Padres baseball team. Major League Baseball will be in season and it is an exciting time to catch a game. A newer attraction is the fact that San Diego is considered the micro-brewery capital of the world. It is quickly becoming a “must go” destination for beer connoisseurs, and the city is determined to become to beer what Napa Valley is to wine in California.

(In-depth brewery guide)

Less than a one hour drive north of San Diego is the Temecula Valley Wine Country. With over 30 independent Vineyards, including Callaway, Falkner, and Ponte a varietal can be found to satisfy any palate. Most vineyards offer tours and have beautiful restaurants with sweeping views where visitors can enjoy anything from a quick snack to a relaxing five star lunch or dinner.

MapleFest will also coincide with UC San Diego’s 2019 Alumni Weekend – stay tuned for more details about events taking place on and around campus that will involve hundreds of alumni from around the globe.

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For those interested in contributing manuscripts for a Festschrift in honor of Prof. Maple, please click here to be taken to Philosophical Magazine’s online submission portal. Select “Brian Maple Festschrift” in response to the question “Is this manuscript a candidate for a Special Issue or Symposium of Philosophical Magazine? If so, what is the Special Issue or Symposium?” Manuscripts should be submitted as regular papers and they are not subject to length limitations. Deadline for submission is September 31, 2019. Thank you for this contribution.